Thursday, 12 November 2015

Naughty bad Loulou!

As part of my ongoing midlife crisis awakening, I have welcomed in a part of Loulou that has been long-neglected: the part that likes standing up in front of other people and making a dick of herself. She is Naughty, Bad Loulou.

I guess I always feared what would happen if I let her have too much sway. How ghastly and self-absorbed and attention-seeking she is! She's the Loulou from the song my mother sang to me:

Don't Bring Lulu by the Andrews Sisters

Anyway, I have decided to embrace her, in all her brassy, show-off glory.

I put a mic in her hand. BIG MISTAKE! They will have to wrestle it out of my cold, dead hand.

I'm now completely addicted to doing stand up comedy.
Here is my first ever gig. I hope you enjoy it: 

 Naughty bad Loulou does stand up!

Definitely not safe for kids, might be ok for work, if they don't mind vagina talk and the occasional F-bomb.

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